extractor ex‧trac‧tor [ɪkˈstræktə ǁ -ər] noun [countable]
1. a machine that removes dirt, dust etc from the air:

• a steam extractor that fits neatly into the ceiling

• By not having extractor fans we're breaking Health and Safety regulations.

2. MANUFACTURING a company that removes raw material S, such as gold or oil, from a place, for example the sea or the ground, and sells them to companies which use them in an industrial or manufacturing process:

• Many Third World countries are the extractors of raw materials rather than being the refiners or processors of them.

3. COMPUTING software that finds and retrieve S (= gets back ) information that has been stored in the memory of a computer, on a website etc:

• An email extractor can extract e-mail addresses from web-pages on the Internet.

• an Internet web data extractor

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extractor UK US /ɪkˈstræktər/ noun [C]
a machine that is used to remove something: »

a juice extractor

(also extractor fan) a piece of equipment that is used to remove steam, smoke, or unpleasant smells from a room or building: »

The regulations stipulate the provision of extractor fans in this type of working environment.

IT software that finds and brings together information from a computer's memory, a website, etc.: »

Data extractor tools allow companies to gather data from a wide range of sources simply and swiftly.


The email extractor software helps you to build huge targeted mailing lists for your marketing campaigns.

PRODUCTION, NATURAL RESOURCES a company or country that removes raw materials such as coal, oil, or precious metals from the ground or sea in order to sell them: »

The country is a major extractor of oil.

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